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I'm sure you've seen tons of websites selling tech and components, so i'm not going to waste your time, i know you are a busy person, and so am i.
So i'll make this simple: How about a website that can fullfill requests from its own users?
Let's say you were searching for something on this website with no result...how about talking about this with us? 

Yeah, you read that right...we will try to make that item you were searching for AVAILABLE for everyone.

You can find me and my staff on social networks or compiling the form in the "help" section!


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    Ti ringrazio Domenico! Vedremo se questo sito avrà successo o meno!

  • Posted on by Domenico

    Le premesse dicono bene, speriamo vengano mantenute; Ma da lei Arter sicuramente lo saranno!

  • Posted on by Arter Nerobasta

    I am the owner of the website, i’d like to thank everyone for your patience!
    We are constantly making changes to the website while keeping it online, so If any bug occurs, please let us know as soon ad possible!

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